How To Hack Instagram using Android Phone. Easiest trick to hack Instagram.

In this article, You will learn about Insta hacking. Today you will learn how a person can easily hack Instagram without the knowledge of the victim. Here you must know some basic info about your victim like user name, date of birth, nickname, contact no. etc. and as much as the information you can gather, gather it. If you will have more info about your victim, it will be better for us to perform a dictionary attack. Here we will learn to hack an Instagram account through a dictionary attack.

Requirements to Perform this attack.

  1. Kali Linux Os or
  2. Termux in Android Phone (Require rooted phone)
  3. Cupp dictionary

Some of the people are not familiar with Kali Linux and some of these don’t know about Kali Linux. So they can perform it by using the Termux app on their android.

Here I’ll perform this practical on Android devices. This article is only for Education purposes, don’t misuse it for any illegal purpose.

Que. What is Instainsane on Github?

Instainsane is the brute force attacker tool for Instagram. You can easily get the user id and password through this tool. This tool uses the Tor browser to perform a brute force attack on Instagram. This script can do 1000 login attempts per minute or 100 in a once. It stops for a while after every 100 attempts during brute force atteck. So don’t be panic that why did it stop? Let it be continued. 

So first of you have to download Termux App on your android phone.

You can download also Termux App from here.

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Insta hacking on Termux.
Insta hacking on Termux.

Now update your Termux through the given commands.

$pkg install root-repo
$pkg install unstable-repo
$pkg install x11-repo
$pkg upgrade

Through these commands, your Termux will be updated.

Now install git in Termux

$pkg install git

Now Download Instainsane Tool from Github

Download from here ( copy this link )

Now paste this link the Termux

$git clone

Now check your home directory



Go to this directory and install requirements for this tool

$cd instainsane
$chmod +x

$./ (it will take some time to install requirements so be patient)

$.chmod +x

Now we have downloaded Instainsane and its requirements and now run this tool with the given command.


When you will run this command it will ask you to log in as root.  So to run this program on your android phone’s termux app, you have to root your phone. If you haven’t rooted your phone then it will not work on your phone. So be sure that your phone is already root.

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But before this, we need to download one more tool named Cupp Dictionary.

Cupp download is required to create a password dictionary for the victim. You can use other tools also. But here I’ll use cupp.

You can download it from here

Copy this link and paste to the Termux

$git clone

$cd cupp

$chmod +x


or type


Now you cupp will open like –

Learn Instagram hacking using password attack with cupp
Learn Instagram hacking using password attack with cupp

The Cupp dictionary contains some default keywords of the password which you can download by typing the given command and also watch the image very carefully how to type this command in termux.

$python3 -l

> enter number = 16 (for hindi names)

It will take some time to download default keywords.

Most of the time, default keywords by cupp dictionary will not work for every dictionary attack. So we have to create custom keywords dictionary according to our victim. As you every time our victim is the same that is why can’t use the same dictionary for every victim. So for every victim, we have to create a new dictionary. It can contain information like username, date of birth of victim, victim’s kids or partner’s name, and more information.

Let’s learn how to create a custom keyword dictionary for a victim. Here you will have to fill in information about the victim.

$python3 -i
> First Name : Type name of victim

> Surname : type surname of victim

> Nickname : type nickname of victim

> Birthdate : type DOB of victim,
> Partners) Name : Type name or pressing enter 

> Partners) Nickname : if don't know leave blank by pressing enter 

> Parteners ) Birthdate : Type name or pressing enter

> Child's name : if don't know leave blank by pressing enter  

> Child's nickname : Press Enter

> Child's Birthdate : Press Enter

> Pet's name : Press Enter

> Company Name : if don't know leave blank by pressing enter  

> ? type N

>? type N

> ? type Y

> ? type N

Saving dictionary to instagram.txt.....
custom dictionary for password attack.
custom dictionary for password attack.

This dictionary will autosave the default directory of cupp. So now you have to copy this dictionary and paste it in the Instainsane directory.

$cp instgram.txt /root/instainsane/instagram.lst

Now start the Instainsane tool for dictionary attack on the victim’s Instagram account.


Username account: Type user id of Victim

Password List (Enter to default list) : Enter name of your custom dictionary copied from cupp dictionary tool.

Now it will automatically start and continue till the password matches.

( Press Ctrl + c to stop or quit from instainsane. )

Bruteforce attack on Instagram
Dictionary attack on Instagram

If it cracks the password for the victim user account then it stops its process. But some it continues even if it detected the password. You should not be worried about that because it autosaves the victim user id and password in its directory named instainsane.

This all about Instagram hacking. In this article, we have learned how a person can easily hack Instagram. Here you can hack any Instagram account with having some basic info about your victim like user mobile no, name, date of birth, nickname, contact no. etc.

Guys if you have doubts or facing any problems while performing this lab and if you have any suggestions for me then please write to me the comment box. If you like my posts please share them with your friends.

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