How to Root A Phone With KingRoot. Best Software to Root phone

In this article, I will tell you, How to do Mobile Root. Rooting a mobile is a very easy process. By rooting a mobile device we can get some advanced features in our and can customize our rooted device. But from the security purpose, mobile companies don’t recommend us to root our phone. Because if we root our device then the company terminates the warranty and guarantee of devices and after rooting the device company isn’t liable for device security. Another drawback of this is that attackers or hackers can control our device without our knowledge so it has some bad effects on the phone. How to do your Mobile Root and if you look carefully and do it, then we can Root your Android Mobile with the help of many APPS and also from your Laptop or computer, but today we will read how to Root with the help of Android App.

We have 2 ways to root our Phone –

i. PC/Computer

ii. Android Apps.

We have many Softwares and Android Apps that can be used to root our phone. Rooting a device is very easy. It’s not as typical as the people think. And Rooting a device has many pros and cons. Let’s discuss what are these –

Pros And Cons Of ROOT Device –

First, we will know the Pros of Mobile Rooting  –

  1. The Internal Memory of the Mobile increases which will improve your mobile speed.
  2. You can access the Kernal of your android device.
  3. Pre-installed apps that are stubborn to uninstall can also be uninstalled after rooting.
  4. After Rooting the device your device battery life will be increased.
  5. It gives you the right to alter the software code onto the devices or install additional applications which the manufacturer of the device would not ordinarily allow you to.
  6. After rooting the mobile, we can customize our mobile. With the help of the Play Store, you can increase the features of your mobile by using many free apps.

Now, Let’s discuss some Cons of Mobile Root-

  1. The biggest disadvantage of rooting the mobile is that if your mobile is in Warranty, then when the mobile is rooted, its warranty is over and if anything happens after rooting the mobile, then you are responsible for it and not the mobile company Because now you are taking the software controls of that mobile.
  2. If you want to root your mobile, then keep in mind that after rooting, many apps are automatically installed, which are very harmful to your mobile. Because these harmful apps can steal your personal data like bank details, your contact info can turn on mobile cam without your permission and many more.
  3. Malware on a rooted smartphone can get a Great Deal of data, which can be a security risk.
  4. The security version of Android is additionally compromised to a specific level since root apps have a whole lot more access to your device.
  5. Rooting a device involves removing the restrictions set by the cell provider or device OEMs.
  6. If you do not know how to do Mobile Root, then do not do Mobile Root without any information. Because it can also cause your Mobile Dead. So decide to root only after thinking.

Popular Softwares For PC/Computer To Root Device.

  1. king root
  2. Iroot
  3. Dr.fone root
  4. KingoRoot
  5. SRS Root Software

Some Popular Apps To ROOT Android Device.

  1. King Root
  2. One-Click Root
  3. Root Master App
  4. Framaroot.
  5. Z4root.
  6. IRoot.

So from this article, you will learn Mobile Root with the help of King Root. It is also easy to root the device from King Root Software. Let’s start –

First of all, we have to download the King Root App on our mobile, you can download it directly from the link below. Or you can download from its official website.

Click Here To Download

Like other apps install this in your device. 

Install KingRoot App
Install KingRoot App


Now here click on Ok and move forward


Ignore This Message
Ignore This Message


When you will be installing this It will show you a warning message. Then you don’t need to be worried. Ignore this message and click on install anyway and move on.


Click on Install anyway
Click on Install anyway


After Installation then it will take more time than usual it takes because

Click on try Now
Click on try Now

After clicking on the TRY IT, you will interface like this. Now don’t do anything just wait for the complete process. Here it will read device info and check the status of your phone and after a few minutes, it will about your device info and also about that your device is rooted or not.

Wait till the process is done
Wait till the process is done


When the process gets complete it asks you to root your phone. Once you have given permission it will start the rooting process. To root your device Click on TRY NOW.


Click on Try Now
Click on Try Now.

So you can see that Mobile Root has started. Now it will take some time to complete its process. So until the process is done.

Rooting Process started
Rooting Process started


Now, you can see that the mobile is completely rooted.

Mobile Root Successfully Completed.
Mobile Root Successfully Completed.

Conclusion :

At last, I will suggest that if it’s your first time rooting an Android device, then you should first Backup Your Android Device, and secondly, before jumping into rooting, you should search the internet to get an understanding of some Advice on how to unroot your Android device. As I discuss the pros and cons of rooting the device, you can take the decision.

This is all about How to Root phone and what are the Pros and Cons of the root. So if you like the post, please share it with your friends. Guys if you have doubts or any queries with this post then don’t hesitate to contact me. And if you have any suggestions for me then please write to me in the comment box.

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