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In this article, I will explain about How to hack any web camera through a mobile phone?’  Friends, it’s very easy to hack a web camera of any laptop, computer, and mob camera of the android phone. So, friends, this information is only for educational purposes. Don’t misuse this info to deceive someone or must perform this attack with the permit of your victim. Because if you do such an activity, it is considered an illegal activity by law. So be aware and avoid it without victim permission or use it as a prank with your friends.

You can hack any device webcam whether android or other doesn’t matter what it is? The simple thing that you have to just send a normal link to your victim. If your victim clicks on the link then a tab will be opened in your browser and you will see the live streaming of your victim on your browser. Now you can see camera-related activity on your device’s default browser. Again I’m repeating this is only for education purposes, not to harm anybody or his/her property. But before running this tool you must have the proper knowledge of mobile tools.

Friends, let’s learn ‘How to hack a web camera through a link?’


  1. Termux APP
  2. Camphish
  3. PHP Package
  4. NGROK Server
  5. Mobile HotSpot
  6. Android version 4 or more.
  7. High-Speed Data (1mbps or above)
  8. Little Programming Knowledge

As I mentioned we need all these above requirements. So we will install all the packages as and where these are necessary. So let’s begin without wasting your time. In your android device install an app named Termux. You can simply download it from PlayStore. Or you can also download it from here. Download Termux.

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Install this App like Other normal apps we do.

Once you have downloaded this app on your phone. Open this app. You will get an interface on your mobile screen.

  • After opening Termux, You must update its repo files. So for that, you have to put the commands.
$pkg install root-repo
  • After updating root-repo updates, now install unstable-repo.
$pkg install unstable-repo
  • Now install the x11-repo files.
$pkg install x11-repo
  • Now after upgrading termux repositories (repo). We should have again updated the termux by putting the command given below –
$pkg update
$pkg upgrade
  • Also, give the storage permission to termux so that it can store data on the phone.

This was the basic task that we must do before installing any app/tool in the Termux. Now install the PHP package in termux.

How to Install PHP In Termux?

To install the PHP in the termux follow the below command.

$pkg install php -y

How to Install PhP in Termux
install PHP in Termux

After updating the repo files and installing the PHP in termux,  It’s time to do the main work that is hacked web camera of a device. So for that, We have required an application /Tool that’s name is Camphish.

Que. What is CamPhish? How to use it to hack any Camera?

Ans. CamPhish is a camera phishing toolkit inspired by saycheese, it is an upgraded version of saycheese. We can get camera clicks from the victim’s mobile front cam or PC’s webcam. We can use this on our Kali Linux and we also can use it on our Android mobile phone using Termux

– You can get its link on Github. Click here to go on GitHub or copy the link given below –

– You just copy this code and paste it in the termux as shown in the image.

$git clone
How to hack mobile camera
Clone Camphish

After finishing cloning, check the cloned directories/folder in the termux.


Camphish  storage
How to hack mobile camera
Check Cloned Directory

Now change the directory to Camphish and give the execute permission to To provide execute permission follow the steps given below-

$cd Camphish
$chmod +x

Now to run this tool type one of these commands in the termux.




Before starting this you ensure that your PHP package is correctly installed otherwise it will show when you run this tool. You must have install the PHP Package in the Termux as I mentioned above the requirements of this Tool. So Either you can install PHP Package during repo file up-gradation or before installing Camphish.  So if you have forgotten to install PHP now again you can install PHP with the same command and can again start this tool.

Now it’s time to Install NGROk Server for Port Forwarding –

On the below image you can the last line statement ” starting ngrok server”. Below this line after you will see one more line “installing ngrok server”. This can take 5-10 min or more depending upon your data speed.  Don’t stop this process in the mid. It let to be completed.

So when you start camphish you will get 2 options there



Now select option 1 because NGROk is more reliable than NGROK doesn’t get down while goes down even if you have high-speed data. So select option 1.

After selecting this, you will get another 2 options to select. Here it will ask you to choose the template.

i. Festival Wishing

ii. Live Youtube TV

Who to choose ???

i. Festival Wishing: You can send a simple festive wishing message like Holi, Deepawali, Raksha Bandhan wishes, etc to your victim. Your victim will think that you wishing him/her the festive wishes but on the second hand you will hack his camera.

How to hack mobile camera with link
Method 1

ii. Live Youtube TV: This is the second method to send links to your victim. In this method, you just copy an URL youtube video on your victim’s interest-based. So when you will send this link to your victim, once he/she clicked the link they will go youtube videos while you will be receiving their cam files.

[*] Enter YouTube video watch ID: < paste your youtube URL >

Method 2

When the NGROK installation complete you must have to turn the mobile hotspot. If you will not follow this step you might be facing an error that NGROK will show you Offline status. And it will not provide you a link.

〈 Important Note 〉

** Why Turn on the mobile hotspot?

It is required to turn on the mobile hotspot. Because Mobile Hotspot allows ngrok to create a tunnel for you. So if your mobile hotspot is turned off then it will not create a tunnel.  And ngrok will not provide any link to you. So again reminding you to turn on the mobile hotspot. It is a very important step.

So next when the process goes on, you will get a link,

What to with NGROK Link?

You just copy this link and send it to your victim. Once your victim opens it as shown in the below process. You will receive the cam files of your victim.

[+]Direct Link: https://7437b53aa870r.ngork < Copy this link from your Termux >

After getting the link your victim screen like shown in the below images. So if your victim allows camera permission, only then you will get your victim’s camera photos. So make sure your victim opened the link and allows the permissions. If he/she does so only then you can access the camera of your victim remember this.

Link opened on Victim Phone
Link opened on Victim Phone
camphish camera hacking image
Asking for Camera Permission

So once the victim opens the link and gives permission then it makes the connection between you and your victim. Now you can access the victim’s cam photos without his/her knowledge.

How to hack mobile camera with link
Camera Hacking is successfully done.

So friends in the above image you can see the “cam file received”.  It means that now you have hacked your victim’s camera. Now open a new session of termux and check the files in the camphish folder, you will see, there are many cam files you got from the victim’s camera.

These are the photos that you get from your victim mobile.

Now transfer these photos to your phone storage and open them in the gallery.

How To Transfer Photo From Termux To Gallery/File Explorer

$mv   image_name.jpg  /sdcard

(i.) mv = move file  (ii)  Now put image name that you will see in your camphish folder    (iii) /sdcard is the location of file explorer of your phone.

Note: you should be in camphish folder/directory other this command will not work for you. So make sure you are in camphish folder by using pwd command. 

One it is copied you can check this image in your file explorer.

Que. How long connection will work?
This connection between you and your victim will continue unless you will not close the termux window ( ctrl + c ) or other reasons maybe also the low data speed. Unless you will not shut it will continue.

Remind you that if NGROK is not installed then it will not work and not provide you a link to send your victim. So make sure that NGROK is properly installed while running the Camphish. And if you are familiar with the TERMUX then you can download it from the internet. And can paste it, in the  Camphish folder.

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So, friends, this is all about ‘How to hack the front camera by phone. Friends, I above mentioned many key points that must be followed when running the Camphish otherwise this tool will not work for you. Guys, still if you have doubts or any queries with this post then don’t hesitate to contact me. If you like our post share it with your friends. And if you have any suggestions for me then please write to me in the comment box.

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