How to Configure Syslog Server in Cisco Router?

In this article, I will explain how can we configure the Syslog server in cisco router. But first, we must have a question in your mind that “Why do we need Syslog Server ?” If you already know the answer please mention in the comment section and If you don’t know then continue reading this article. Syslog is a standard for events or messages logs which means Syslog monitors all events of network and send them to an external device which we a Syslog Server. In normal words, it tracks all logs or events of the system. So basically Syslog Server keeps its eyes on every event such ping, packets sending to switch, router or any other system.

Look below lab very carefully to understand the concept of Syslog Server.

Syslog Server on Cisco Router
Syslog Server on Cisco Router

In the above lab, we have 2 Router,1 Syslog Server, 2 switches and PCs users who will send packets and will ping with the Routers. And when they will send messages to Router Syslog server will store all logs of the user.

So Lets’s start now –

1. Assign Static IP address to all PCs and to all interfaces of Router.

2. Do Routing on both Routers.

Note –  I assume that you are good in CCNA and have a good knowledge of assign IP and routing protocols. So here I’m directly discussing the main topic.

3. Turn on Syslog Server and Assign IP address. Look in the Pictures below.

Configuration on SYSLOG Server

Configuration on SYSLOG Server
Configuration on SYSLOG Server

3.Learn how to Configure SYSLOG SERVER.

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Router#conf t  

Give a hostname to the router

Router(config)#host Deepak

Here type IP of Syslog Server

Deepak(config)#logging host

Type this command to send messages to Syslog Server

Deepak(config)#logging trap debugging

Type this command to store all logs related to ICMP Protocol

Deepak#debug ip icmp
ICMP packet debugging is on

On Router 0

1.GIve IP of SYSLOG Server to Router.

Router(config)#logging host

2. Allow your Router to send log messages to Server

Router#debug ip icmp

Now all done with your router. Now it’s time to the system to ping your system to Router then will check ‘Does Syslog Server work or  not ?’  To check Syslog server working, check the log files of the Syslog server. If it stores the log then you have correctly configured the Syslog server and if it doesn’t do so then During configuration you could have made the mistake. So Please perform this lab very carefully.

So, Guys How to do you like this article, please share your view in the comment box. and if you have any suggestion and query with this lab please mention it below.

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